Small and Medium Wind

From kW to GW, Oldbaum are able to offer a complete data service for any project.

As with all Oldbaum data products, measurements and data quality are at the core of our analysis. Oldbaum take an individual approach for each project commission, looking at appropriate data and appropriate technology to obtain the necessary data to satisfy turbine suppliers and financial institutions.

For Feed-in tariff and medium turbine projects, Oldbaum offer a three-stage data product to assess the wind potential on site, providing expert analysis, expertise and advice.

Oldbaum’s three-stage approach is typically:

  1. Desktop study and assessment of appropriate data and relevant technology should a measurement be required;
  2. Scoping and supply of instrumentation to validate desktop yield forecast, and investigate any potential local site issues such as turbulence, and shear;
  3. Full financial reporting and yield assessment based on stages 1 & 2, along with turbine suitability assessment.

Oldbaum’s approach is to offer our clients a stage-gate approach, where each report is assessed, discussed prior to the agreed start of any subsequent stage and action.

Please get in touch to discuss our service so we can evaluate how to approach your site and achieve bankable data.

Ultimately we aim to provide you with confidence in the return of your project.

Wind Harvest Ltd

Neil Hammond; Director, Wind Harvest Ltd

"WindHarvest have used Oldbaum to undertake preliminary yield assessment on our sites, checking data consistency and site suitability for our selected turbines.

We have found Oldbaum to be friendly and efficient and look forward to working further with them in the future.”

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible, independent and innovative solutions please get in touch with our friendly team - email

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